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Short Biography

For over 25 years, Timothy has been sculpting large scale sculptures. He is a figurative artist with his pieces installed worldwide. Some of his most reputed pieces are installed in historical churches in Rome and at the Vatican. Timothy describes his most important work as visual translations of the Bible. Although most of his work is based upon a spiritual theme, he also creates large, complex public sculptures in bronze. Some of these include monuments that honour veterans and firefighters. Timothy strives to create epic  artwork that connects with viewers through design and details that not only touch the viewer on an emotional level, but also allow them to feel somewhat a ‘part’ of the piece.

Artist Statement

I am devoted to creating artwork that glorifies Christ. The reason for this devotion, apart from my Christian beliefs, is that an artist needs an epic subject to create epic art.

I describe my sculptures as being visual prayers. When I create a three dimensional sculpture in bronze I am quite aware that it will last longer than myself. I realize I am between two things that are much more durable than myself: Christianity and bronze metal. It is between these that I have developed a subtle appreciation for what Saint Francis meant by “instrument”.

It brings me happiness when my sculptures are installed outside; three dimensional bronze works of art are excellent advertisements for any Christian Church. The best compliment these sculptures receive is to amaze and fascinate the most cynical youths of today. If they think that the art is amazing, they will have to think that the message is as well; a ‘cool’ sculpture outside a church may make them think that, likewise, something ‘cool’ is to be found inside the church. My purpose is to give Christianity as much visual dignity as possible. Christian sculptures are like visual sermons twenty-four hours a day.

When visiting the great Cathedrals and museums of Europe, one is given many messages of the Christian faith through the great works of art. However, one message these great masterpieces convey to us in modern times is that the church was all important and glorious….. once, approximately five hundred years ago. Unfortunately, this creates the impression that the themes represented are antiquated and should be viewed in a museum. However, when original artwork is created today and placed in living spaces, the statement expressed is: “the church is all important and glorious….today!”

Saint Gregory the Great wrote that “art is for the illiterate”; the use of images was an extremely effective way to educate the general population. Our contemporary culture is in the same state today, not because of illiteracy, but because people are too busy to read. In this world of fast paced schedules and sound bites, Christian art creates “visual bites” that introduce needed spiritual truths in a universal language.

Christian sculpture acts for many as a gateway into the Gospels and the viewer’s own spirituality. After looking at an interesting piece of art the viewer is curious. “Who is this man on a cross? Why does he suffer?” The more powerful the representation of the art, the more powerful the questions become.

Creating art that has the power to convert. Creating sculpture that deepens our spirituality. Attaining these two goals describes my purpose as an artist.

Religious Commissions

2017 Homeless Jesus · St. Andrews Church, Moscow, Russia Holy Trinity Church, Johannesburg, Africa

· Good Sheppard Cathedral, Singapore

·Convent of the Order of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

·Holy Rosary Cathedral, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

·Shrine of Capernaum, Israel


95 Thesis ·Historic Trinity Lutheran Church, Detroit, Michigan, United States
When I Was Sick ·St. Josephs Hospital, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
When I Was In Prison · St. Paul’s Basilica, Rome, Italy

· St. George the Martyr Church, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


When I Was Naked ·St. Peter in Chains Cathedral, Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
2016 Homeless Jesus · Papal Charities Building, Vatican City, Rome, Italy
When I Was Hungry And Thirsty · Finne Barres Cathedral, Cork, Ireland
When I Was Sick · Santo Spirito Hospital, Rome, Italy
When I Was A Stranger · San Lorenzo in Lucina Basilica, Rome, Italy

· St. Paul’s on Bloor, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


  When I Was Hungry and Thirsty ·Historic Trinity Lutheran Church, Detroit, Michigan, United States
  When I Was Naked  ·St. Peter in Chains Basilica, Rome, Italy
2015 Homeless Jesus ·Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland

·Almudena National Cathedral, Madrid, Spain



Public Commissions

2017 National Women’s Workers Monument Ajax, Ontario, Canada
2016 Fort McMurray Fire Fighters Monument
  • Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada
  • Gordy Howe Building Back Monument, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Golden Leaves, Wreck of Edmund Fitzgerald, Whitefish Point, Michigan, United States

·         The Meeting Sculpture Park, Penetanguishene, Ontario, Canada


2015 Golden Leaves Gordon Lightfoot Sculpture Park ·         Orillia, Ontario, Canada
2006 Veterans Monument ·         Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
2005 Kitchener Fire Fighter Monument ·         Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
2001 National Mining Monument ·         Sudbury, Ontario, Canada



1991 Sculpture and mold making William McElcheran Studios, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


1990 Bronze casting , figurative sculpture modeling Central Tec “Art Specials”, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1989 Sculpture – Ontario College Art and Design Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Selected Exhibition Work
2017 Matthew 25 Rome Blessed Sacrament Cathedral,  Detroit, Michigan, United States
  Matthew 25 Rome Legatus National Summit, Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Naples, Florida, United States
2016 Matthew 25 Rome Roberts Park Methodist Church, Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
2015 Golden Leaves The sculpture Wreck Of the Edmund Fitzgerald, Dossin Great Lakes Museum, Detroit, Michigan,  United States


2014- 2017 Germanic Women in Sculpture The Peoples Gallery, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
2013 – 2015 Germanic Women in Sculpture Toronto Art Expo, Toronto Ontario, Canada


Media and Publications

Hynes, Mary: “Homeless Jesus Sculpture Sparks Controversy” CBC Tapestry, August 2016

Ahearn, Victoria: “Gordon Lightfoot Statue Unveiled In His Hometown Orillia, Ontario” The Canadian Press, October 2015

Klein, Asher: “Spotlight On Homeless Jesus, A Humble Sculpture Near Pope Francis’ Lunch” NBC News, September 2015

Drolet, Mike: “Sculptor Draws Inspiration From Fort McMurray Wild Fire For Firefighter Tribute” Global News Canada, May 2015

Burnett, John: “Statue Of A Homeless Jesus Startles A Wealthy Community” NPR, April 2014


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